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LAWBANK Legal Protection Plan (LPP)

LAWBANK's Legal Protection Plan (LPP) supports and protects those that get into legal problems and for general day to day legal advice and consultation. The average Australian citizen finds it incredibly hard to fund the legal fees required when defending yourself in most types of legal problems. That's where LAWBANK's LPP can help. From simple traffic offences to AVOs, domestic violence issues and other legal problems faced by ordinary Australians, you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to fund your legal expenses. Let us support you and protect your legal rights by becoming a LAWBANK Member.

Through our unique legal services platform, LAWBANK partners with lawyers to support and protect you in many minor legal matters including traffic accidents, claims and defenses arising from damage to motor vehicle by accidents, simple divorces, family law property agreements, minor criminal matters such as domestic violence, assault, AVOs, employment law advice and representations, and even credit card negotiations with banks. By becoming a member of LAWBANK you will be able to obtain affordable, subscription-based protection and support in a wide range of minor legal matters.

Don't leave yourself exposed. For a small monthly fee you can now protect and insure yourself and your livelihood against any potential future legal expenses that may arise in a wide range of legal matters.

Common legal matters faced by the general public

  • Criminal matters such as assault and domestic violence
  • Being charged with possession of drugs
  • Accused of criminal misconduct or sexual assault
  • Traffic infringements such as speeding, red light violations, PCA matters etc
  • Simple divorces and other family law matters
  • Employment law matters, and
  • Many other legal matters

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